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Multifunctional Cooler Table


Take your campsite cooking game up a notch with the Multifunctional Cooler Table. Store all your supplies in different compartments to keep fruits fresh and bread dry.

Stay Organized at the Campsite

Multifunctional Cooler Table


  • 1-Piece Foldable Tabletop: Portal aluminum tabletops are connected by side clips and stay intact as one foldable piece.
  • Soft Cooler Organization: This item comes with 4 medium sized soft cooler in different colors, and each has a label holder. It is easy to separate items and assign spaces to family members.
  • For Outdoor & Indoor: This organizer can also be used as an extra storage for snacks or clothing in your household. The frame is designed to stand still for an extended period of time.

Editor's Note

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Technical specs

Unfolded Dimension
17" L x 27" W x 28" H inch
Folded Dimension25" L x 15" W x 9" H  inch
Product Weight11.5 lbs
Weight Capacity66 lbs

Customer Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Scott E.
As advertised

Good sturdy product. Company was great to work with.

So handy!

Just used this for the first time, and it was so helpful in keeping my camp kitchen organized! I use to keep everything in a Rubbermaid tote, and every mealtime was an excavation. This time, I was able to find everything quickly and easily. Having an additional surface to set things on was handy as well. I set it over the seat of the picnic table as another reviewer suggested, and it worked well. It also made a nice "side table" to set things on while we were sitting around the campfire.

Unlike others, I found this easy to assemble. Just lay out a the pieces and examine them carefully, and follow the directions (not the best, but good enough). I'd never disassemble it though. It's so great to be able to have everything packed up and ready to go!

I can't speak to it's long-term durability yet. I would be most concerned about the stress on the seams if it's packed with many heavy items. We will see.

This is great!

So many negative reviews that I wanted to say, the only struggle with assembly was getting the last pipe in its hole but I got it.
This unit is surprisingly well constructed. All elements are padded. It goes together well. It stores a LOT of stuff.
It might be heavy to move the whole thing loaded (haven't tried it yet but I have a couple cast iron pans in there) but you remove the bags and re-assemble.
5 stars for the quality of the construction.

sturdy and uber functional

sturdy and uber functional - using this to permanently store camping 'stuff' - exactly what i needed - (and it's not difficult to put together if you put the poles in last where the velcro attaches - didn't realize that the first time i tried putting it together)

D. Waite
Good Price For The Item

This unit is exactly the same as the Camp Chief product but without any logo printed anywhere on it and for less money... Went together easily and will be put to use within the month.

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