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Retractable Travel Stool

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This Retractable Travel Stool with carry bag can also fit easily into a backpack making it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. You can use this folding stool as an on-the-go seat and ensure you a comfortable sitting experience at all times, wherever you are. 

Versatile, Yet Practical

Retractable Travel Stool


  • Additional Height: This tripod stool is on average 1-2 inches taller than generic chairs, so you can sit down quickly and get up fairly easily.
  • For Outdoor & Indoor: It is sturdy and comfortable for campers taking a rest, or for booth owners at a craft show.
  • Side Organizer: Keep your supplies and tools close by, so you are ready for the game.
  • Quick Fold & Easy Carry:   Retractable stool can be fixed with Velcro straps after folding and can easily be carried in a handbag. It is also suitable to be put in a backpack, allowing you to set off at any time! 
  • Smaller Volume: The legs of the triangle stool are retractable, so they can be shrunk and put into the bag when not in use. When folded, this chair is smaller than most stools on the market.

Editor's Note

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Technical specs

FramePowder Coated Steel
Unfolded Dimension
15'' L x 15" W x 20.5'' H inch
Folded Dimension17.3'' L x4'' W x 4'' H inch
Product Weight2.1 lbs
Weight Capacity225 lbs

Customer Questions & Answers

Customer Reviews

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Cheap and works well

I ordered this tripod chair for when I go camping. When it came in, I was surprised at how small and portable it was. This stool saves me a ton of space when compared to my old, standard fold out chair. Besides camping, I’ve taken it to various outdoor events and picnics. For having no back support, it’s surprisingly comfortable and sits at the perfect height for my legs. I highly recommend picking one of these tripod stools. For the price, I’m impressed at how durable it is after all of the use it’s gotten so far and plan to order more so that my wife and kids have one each.

Perfect for the sand

Pay extra for the taller option. Your knees will feel better and if you use it on the beach you won't lose as much height when it sinks low in the sand.
It is heavier compared to the smaller stools.

Very sturdy and comfortable

I really like this chair! It's very well made, they legs especially are made from a very strong and heavy duty steel. It does make it a bit heavy but that's fine for me. My use case for this is I wanted something compact that I could put in my truck toolbox to have when I'm out offroad or camping and need a chair. It's very compact when packed. It's also surprisingly comfortable for this type of tripod chair. Lastly, the leg height is adjustable and is fantastic. I'm on the tall side so I really appreciate being able to raise it up. Many other chairs of this type I've looked at are on the short and flimsy side, this one is sturdy and adjustable. Highly recommended!

Great little stool!

Excellent choice!

John P. Jones III
Getting ready for the 2022 camping season and beyond

The footstools that I have had for more than a decade and a half were getting quite frayed. The quality of the Portal stool should mean that it is good for the duration.

The Portal stool is rated to hold 225 lbs. My 195 lbs. tested it, and it is more than adequate.

The Vine Program provided me two different footstools. The other has the brand name Umoonfine. Of all the names the Chinese make up for their products, this is the most memorable. However, the Portal name is quite adequate, suggestive of the stools function and utility.

Pictured below are the two footstools. The Umoonfine is on the left, 2.5 inches lower than the one on the right. The Umoonfine is 18 inches high. I found that height to be more comfortable than the Portal one on the right, at 20.5 inches, which may be more suitable for sitting. Naturally, results may vary depending on the user, as the old saw has it. I note that one reviewer was pleased with the Portal, for being the highest. And yes, in the picture that is a bit of snow (the last for the winter?) in New Mexico.

Thanks to the beloved Vine Program Ill be taking an ideal footrest for my weary feet after an all-day hike. Vine provided a new camping chair, and this will be a wonderful complement. A good book and some refreshment in hand, with clear brisk weather C a picture of perfection.

Finally, at 20 bucks, it is excellent value for money. Now, if I could only be using it in 20 years, Id really be happy. 5-stars.

Stay Wild, Stay Portal!