Portal inflatable paddle boards have a form factor that folds extremely well in a backpack and turns into a fully functional SUP in just a few minutes. This system makes transportation and storage very easy. High-quality materials and tightly crafted technology make it more durable. Upgraded and optimized in constant trials. Please believe that portal will give you an unparalleled sense of experience.Take your four-legged partner and go on an adventure together !

Inside the construction

Portal inflatable paddle boards use a unique construction process that makes our inflatable paddle boards both light and extremely tough. The inner core of the paddle boards uses composite stitched fibers to connect the top and bottom layers of High military-grade PVC. When inflated to the recommended PSI, the fibers distribute the air pressure evenly throughout the paddle boards' inner core. It makes the surface of the paddle boards form a hard and stable platform. And the PVC top layer is made of high quality and durable material so that you don't have to worry about the paddle boards being scratched or faded during use.

Steps to take when you are ready to use your Portal inflatable paddle board: remove the rolled up board from your travel bag -> unroll it -> connect the included pump to inflate it until the pressure reaches between 13 and 15 PSI. When you're ready to pack it up, do everything in reverse ...... Everything becomes a breeze!

●Drop Stitch Construction

We used a wire drawing process with a density of 15,500 strands/m2 (10 points/square inch) to join tens of thousands of composite fibers to the top and bottom of the board, which allows each set of harnesses to withstand greater psi and also makes the board stronger and more stable.

●Sealed and secure

Our paddle boards are made of military-grade PVC construction and unique process, which makes them durable after single inflation.

●Non-slip textured deck pads

Portal uses high quality and uniquely textured EVA pads to add slip resistance and comfort to the board. So even if it gets wet making it a little rough, you can still stay on the board.

●Unique print design

Each paddle board print is designed by a professional design team and comes with a unique texture to add beauty and novelty to our inflatable paddle boards. At the same time, we use UV printing process is more environmentally friendly and also makes the color more bright.

●New removable fins

The board has a 3 fin design with good tracking. Unlike cheaper boards, the removable fins don't just slide in, they snap in and are held in place with thumb screws. This means the fins are easier to assemble and disassemble and are smoother and less likely to fall off.

●Dual chamber pump

This is the only SUP in its price range that has a dual chamber pump. this is more important than it looks because it can inflate the SUP in half the time! There is a hole on top of the pump, insert it and inflate it 1 time = 2 times of a normal pump. And our SUP is designed to be leak-proof, so even if one end is already connected to the sampan valve, the other end (pump end) will not leak when unscrewed.

●Easy to carry and store

PORTAL inflatable paddle boards fold down to a small size and can easily fit into your own travel bag for easy storage and transportation. Not only that, there is plenty of additional storage in the bag to carry along a life jacket, water bottle etc.

●Worry-free after-sales service

Portal is so confident you'll love their paddleboard that they offer an unprecedented 60-day guarantee that says; if you don't like it for any reason, they'll take it back. It also comes with a 2 year warranty, just contact us during the warranty time and we will take care of everything for you.

“No Braking, No Cracking, No Denting!”

Portal SUP is virtually indestructible, you can even run over it with a car without hurting it! It's almost impossible to puncture the paddleboard during normal use! You can take it anywhere with confidence.