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At Portal, we build problem-solving gear that is specifically designed to keep up with a rugged outdoor lifestyle! We design outdoor products that we would use in our own personal adventures and were approved on actual campsites. Our gear represent a lifestyle, passion and values shared by the outdoor community. We aim  to stay authentic, practical, and wild in nature!

We are a team of nature lovers, hikers, backpackers and RV owners. Our design ideas come from our very own outdoor experiences, observations around campgrounds, fireside talks and interviews with professional guides. 

By listening and taking wild ideas from people participating in all sorts of outdoor recreational activities we are able to find solutions to issues and make the best possible product. We are not trying to make scientific breakthrough, but to close the gap between perceived and actual user application. In other words, we are designing to solve real problems with practical solutions.

Designed, Built, and TestedIn the Wild, For the Wild

We aim to build products that we would be excited to bring on our next adventure. Portal was established in 2011 with a small team of outdoor lovers who aspired to build a brand from scratch. Since then, we have grown into an international brand, with offices in Germany and the UK. We are committed to preserving our love for nature and sharing the wonders of the great outdoors with our friends, communities and customers. Thank you for choosing Portal as your reliable outdoor partner! We will continue to bring comfort, joy, and innovation to your outdoor adventures.

Let's Stay Wild, Stay Portal!