The world is vast and full of mystery. Here at Portal, we believe in taking steps to connect, or re-connect, with nature. We want to help people find a sense of purpose and to experience and explore what Mother Nature has to offer. With a steadfast focus on innovation and our gaze looking toward the future, we are Portal.

Designed, Built and Tested In The Wild, For The Wild.

When it started all started

In 2011, Portal began manufacturing outdoor leisure products and established the official Portal Outdoors offices. Since our inception, we have strived to provide the best products and customer service in the outdoor leisure industry. With expert design and the use of innovative methods we are able to enhance the quality of our products

Established partnerships with international testing

We oversee production quality throughout the entire development and manufacturing processes. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have established close partnerships with international testing authorities, such as Swiss SGS, German TUV, British BSI and French BV. We also work with quality management systems, such as American UL, EU, CE, Australian AS and ISO9001. These method are the key to guaranteeing product quality.

Innovative Design

We focus on innovation and meeting the needs of our customers. By understanding those needs, we are able to deliver the best possible products. We are constantly researching the consumer market worldwide for trends and analyzing that data through our professional design team to improve product functionality, comfort and safety.

Innovative Technologies

We use innovative technologies to improve production efficiency. Portal holds itself to the highest standards of research and product development and automating production helps meet those standards. Some examples include the CNC pipe bending machine, an automated machine controlled by a computer program and an automatic cutting bed, which improves materials utilization by 1.2%, and improves efficiency by 100%.

Duerkopp Machine

Sewing machine imported from Germany, which can automatically adjust the length of the needle. Intelligent Hanger system improves efficiency by 5%-10%,and reduces the production waste by 20 %. Welding robot improves welding quality, and increases working efficiency by 80%.

Using Special Technology

In addition to using technology to improve production, we have a reputation for excellent service in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and Australia. We offer extensive professional services to our customers worldwide.

Experience nature with the help of Portal

Here at Portal, we want to help others experience everything nature has to offer while freeing their body and mind. People around the world have gravitated to our products because of the fun, comfort and relaxation they offer. In fact, this was the original goal that Portal was created for, which started from an initial dream all the way toward a bright future. Step by step, with continuous innovation, into the future.

Let's Stay Wild,Stay Portal!