We believe that the purpose of our advocacy is to recover the simple, yet important goal of returning to nature in outdoor activities to promote a harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Therefore, the concept of sustainable development of eco-friendly products has become an essential mission of our brand.

Material and Technology
Wood material 

As we all know, forests play a significant role in ecological balance. We clearly realize the importance and about our product which contains wood material, our wood can be traced back to where it comes from and is always properly utilized and managed. 

Recycled material

Different from traditional control carbon emission, we already have made many effective achievements with new technology, such as using and creating recycled yarn fabric. Our new RPET fabric fabric can decrease up to 79% carbon emission compare to regular fabric. Additionally, our dying technology can save water 32 tons, electricity 899 kWh, steam 1.26 tons, coal 700kg, carbon dioxide 1.2 tons. Protecting the environment is an obligation of every employee here at PORTAL® and we will continue to do so in the future.

Sourcing and supply chain
Energy conservation and emission reduction

We pay serious attention to energy conservation and emission reduction. All water, electricity and pollutant discharge follow international energy management system requirements. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to save energy and reduce emissions.

Carbon emission reduction

Moreover, we have focused on limiting carbon emission and what we can do to strictly manage and control it. Reducing carbon emissions, producing and creating a low-carbon and healthy life is also one of our long-term goals for contributing to society.