Nothing is more pleasant than resting after a day of playing outside.

But you will agree that you may love nature; rock, wood or the ground are not always the most comfortable places to decompress. As a result,buying a chairthat you can easily carry with you becomes an exciting option to optimize your comfort during outings in the forest.

For any trip, you need a camping chair to sit down. It's an excellent way to land in nature and to be able to rest in the shade of a motorhome. You will certainly not be able to do without it, because young and old can't stand or lie down all day long when camping.

The most popular type of chair remains the heavy duty camping chair or the foldable camping chair. Robust, comfortable and easy to transport, the camping chair is also available in a wide range of prices.

To choose the best camping chair, ask yourself a few questions to determine your needs. For example, what kind of camping do you practice most often? Camping in the Wild? Visting a developed campsite? What role do you want your chair to assist you in? Spectator, adventurer, camper, or traveler?

Choosing a versatile chair that will allow you to be as comfortable at the beach as on the top of a mountain is the best option to consider. But it can sometimes turn out that this compromise is not consistently winning. Indeed, choosing a chair where the angle of the backrest is inclined to take advantage of the sun's rays on the beach is not very comfortable when you want to sit at the table to eat.

It is therefore essential to consider in which contexts you want to use your chair and how far you have to transport it. Weight and volume are just as determining criteria as comfort and the quality of the materials. Minimalist chairs take up little space and weigh less than a pound. And padded chairs are almost as comfortable as your Lazy-Boy, which are over 25 pounds.

There are various other essential aspects to consider before you purchase aheavy-duty camping chairor any different model of camping chair that suits your requirements:


What makes a good camping chair is the combination of a frame made of lightweight materials and the strength of the canvas.

The structure of camping chairs is often made of aluminum or carbon and has the support of polyester. Forget chairs with a steel frame. They are unnecessarily heavy and tend to oxidize, which damages the fabric.

In particular, there are several quality ranges for the structure of the tubes. For example, carbon is twice as light as aluminum, and there are several grades of aluminum.

Some fabrics are more resistant than others, not only to weight but also to UV rays. Poor quality canvas tends to dry out in the sun, significantly affecting its durability.

There are many materials to choose from when shopping for a camping chair. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Aluminum for the frame: The legs of the best models of outdoor rocking chairs and stools are usually made of aluminum for their phenomenal weight-to-strength ratio.

Nylon for fabric: This is the ideal fabric used for the seat material of good camping chairs because it is durable and water-resistant.

Foam padding: Closed-cell foam padding does not absorb water, which makes it perfect for activities near water.

Carbon fiber: Folding seats usually feature carbon fiber reinforcements to improve the stiffness of the backrest.

In an emergency, the seat stays can be removed from the seat and used as splint elements to demobilize an injury, which is another bonus that makes folding camping chairs versatile for outdoor use.


Camping and simplicity go very well together, and we would not state otherwise. So choose foldable camping chairs, as light as possible. The rule is always the same when camping: bring only accessories, tools and equipment that are easy to handle.

Sometimes the best way to buy the chair that suits us is to fold it up to assess the space it will take up in your bag. For some models, the transport bag is better designed: the fabric is of better quality and putting the chair in the bag does not require a university degree. Do not hesitate to test this feature in-store or check the reviews online.

Weight Capacity

One of the most critical data, not only to measure the efficiency of a camping chair but also to secure its use, is the maximum load your outdoor furniture can support. You must check that the total weight supported is greater than that of the people who will have to use the chair(s) to be purchased. It is common for this maximum load to reach 300 lbs. to 340 lbs., which is more than enough to make chairs for adults of varying sizes and children.

It is crucial to make sure that the chair you choose will be able to support your weight. The camping chair manufacturer generally displays such information. Please note that this information is not necessarily a security issue. Your weight can affect the chair's structure, deforming it and significantly compromising its comfort and durability.

Some people may think weight is not essential, just because they are travelling with their vehicle. So they can quickly move their luggage and have space to spare to store everything. When you have to go hiking or trekking, on the other hand, the question of the weight of the equipment becomes essential.

There is no reason to weigh yourself down and encumber yourself when camping when you can buy a heavy duty camping chair. The weight of camping chairs can therefore vary, with simple models even being able to weigh less than 7 lbs. and others reaching 44 lbs.

The portable nature of the item means that it is easy to fold up and carry. When you realize that some chairs are made for transport in a vehicle, while other featherweight camping chairs will adopt a minimal size to the point of finding their place in a carrying bag.

Stability is an aspect that also determines the amount of weight a camping chair can handle. It isn't easy to assess the stability of a camping chair in stores. In a store, the floor is flat. Like your practice, the ground is never relatively level. Like any object that stands vertically, the stability of a chair is assessed by its center of gravity. The lower it is, the more the chair will be stable and more likely to adapt to the unevenness of the floor. To assess the stability of the camping chair you've chosen, look at the length of the legs. Usually, the shorter they are, the lower the center of gravity, which can be very important if you intend to drag your chair to the beach.


Sacrificing comfort for ease of transport is a compromise any wild camping enthusiast will make without hesitation. Stool-style minimalist chairs (without a back) are the ones for those who have to carry a lot of gear over long distances.

For some, betting ona chair with fuller back support is a matter of survival. For others, it is instead the width that matters. You're always a winner if you're willing to sacrifice a pound or two to get a chair that better suits your body's ergonomics.

Some padding elements can also improve comfort, especially in the neck and buttocks. However, the padding dramatically increases the volume, making transport more complicated. On other chair models, the fabric that makes up the backrest can facilitate ventilation in the back. You must consider this criterion if you are the type to sweat a lot. The armrests are also components that can improve comfort. Some armrests have holes to install a beverage. Again there is a compromise to be made on weight and volume for transport. In order to assess the criteria that influence comfort, there's nothing better than trying it on in the store. If you have trouble breathing when sitting in your chair or feel like a log would be more comfortable, that's a sign that this chair isn't for you.

The comfort of your seats is an indispensable and essential quality that assures you that you have not purchased in vain. Fortunately, most of the products of this type, present online, have this quality since the emphasis is often placed on the comfortable character of each model of camping furniture.


The price of a camping chair can range from $20 to several hundred dollars. Like everything, the higher the price, the more quality you should expect to get.

To calculate the actual cost, it is better to focus on the number of times you think you will use the object rather than choosing based on the lowest price alone.

Choosing a chair made of high-quality materials is definitely one of the best investments you can make to enjoy the summer fully.

Extra Features

Not all chairs are made for camping. A fact that may seem obvious, but it isn't necessarily for everyone. Indeed, it is not because one can produce a tremendous physical effort to move a heavy chair, place it in a mobile home, and finally take it camping that said chair is suitable for such use.

The main characteristics of camping chairs are that they are easy to transport, therefore portable and reasonably light in weight, preferably foldable, but also very comfortable to give you rest at any time.

The models you will discover nowadays are designed for outdoor use, and it is always good to opt for the most durable and resistant products. These will be models with which you will find an absolute pleasure to use under a parasol, a motorhome or caravan awning, and even in a garden when you return home.

There are various extra features to consider when selecting the right camp chair. Generally, the features increase as you go up from minimal to luxurious chairs. Luxurious chairs should only be considered when you're staying in an easily accessible location, such as a national park or outdoor area, as they can be cumbersome.

Let's have a look at a few of them:

Luggage Attachment

If you are travelling for a long time, there are camping chair models that you can either attach directly to your backpack or your belongings. Classic style chairs usually carry a carrying case with a strap for easy transportation. You can take them rafting or canoeing with no problem, but you'll want to leave them at home before hitting the trail.

Cup Holders 

A cup holder transforms a standard chair into a plush one. Lighter camping chairs will have a mesh fabric as a storage pocket. Regular chairs often use the same material as the seat. While luxurious double camping chairs can have cup holders as fancy as coolers.

Arm Supports 

Armrests are a friendly but heavy addition to regular chairs. But they can be a game-changer in terms of extra comfort.

Extendable Cushions

The main characteristic of a folding seat is to have an elongated cushion. It has three functions:

It provides additional cushioning to the regular camping chair.

It unfolds to insulate your legs or protect them from dirt and dust.

It can be fully extended and used as an overnight mattress.

Some chairs surpass traditional camping chairs in functionality and offer all the extras mentioned above in a single camping chair. They can thus have both the footrests and be foldable, with backrests that can be adjusted as desired. The armrest is also present in these models, and you can count several other conveniences that make its use more atypical. Some of these outdoor pieces of furniture will allow you to be seated while still having your legs stretched out, while others will enable you to adjust the height of your feet. Some seats allow you to mount a parasol or a removable sun visor. The possibilities are varied, and this type of equipment, with many options, is usually more expensive than the most direct offers. In short, the camping chair is a compact piece of furniture, light to very light (depending on the model) and perfectly suited to a temporary or long-term nomadic lifestyle.

The Air camp chair

There are ultra-lightweight accessories that can turn your sleeping pad into a chair. Difficult to be more efficient in transport.

The inflatable chair

The self-inflating camping chair is a lightweight and compact variant that provides minimal comfort but, on the other hand, doesn't take up space in your backpack.

The Hanging camp chair

It is a canvas or rope chair hung from a tree branch. The advantage is that there is no reinforcement; the disadvantage is that it takes a tree branch strong enough to support your weight if one is available near your camp.

Minimalist camping or hiking chairs

You can recognize hiking or minimalist (simple) type chairs because they have the appearance of a stool. With this kind of camping chair, transport will be optimal because they have a light weight while not being bulky. However, choosing such accessories will not have a backrest available or will be shallow when considering specific modern models with very short backrests. Simplistic camping chairs are also perfect for hiking and fishing since they are effortless to move wherever you go. They are generally foldable and can be placed in a carrying bag included in the sale or even in a backpack. This kind of accessory, once folded, can almost fit in one hand in the case of specific models.


Whether you need to find some new chairs or want to try camping for the first time, there's something for everyone and everyone. You will see that beyond the type of camping chairs, you can assess the quality of your product and its level of adaptation to your needs in other ways.

In closing, know that whatever chair you choose, the vital thing to enjoy is to take care of it and use it in the context for which it was designed. Storage and maintenance can also play a role in its lifespan. Camping chairs are must-haves when thinking aboutthe best gear for camping or hiking.