It is no doubt that camping is becoming an increasingly popular worldwide trend. The idea of this fact we can take from the 2022 Camping Report. The report found that in 2021, over 8.3 million people went camping in the US for the first time. As well as this, the annual camping report of 2021 has shown that in 2020, there were over 94.5 million camper households throughout North America.

As the camping trend increases incredibly, many manufacturers focus on manufacturing camping gear and furniture. A camping table is considered one of the primary or essential camping gear. If you are looking for a camping table and are confused about what type of camping table you should choose, you will get guidelines that will surely help you choose the best option. Now let’s start.  

Why You Need A Camping Table?

You may know why you need a camping table already, but the following reasons will strengthen your confidence to buy it.

1. A Point to Socialize

A camping table provides you with a space for socializing. You and your camping mates can gather around the camping table to share your thoughts and experiences on camping. Also, you can have lunch or dinner together around the camping table. 

2. Adjustable

Camping tablesare easily adjustable. Therefore, you can place them anywhere anytime during camping to take benefits. For example, when you have to make a temporary stay during your journey, you can quickly place or adjust a camping table to have a safe stay. 

3. Organization

Camping tablesmake your trip or camping organized. During your stay anywhere, you can easily place a camping table near your camp and put all the necessary things on the table to organize your camping place. Organization or an organized camp is necessary to get a better camping experience.  

4. Lightweight

Another main benefit of a camping table is that it is light in weight. Therefore, you can easily carry the camping tables with you and, at the same time, you can easily place them anytime, anywhere due to their less weight. The manufacturers focus on manufacturing camping tables with light-weighted materials. It helps campers to get a safe and stress-free camping experience. 

5. Portable 

Camping tables are portable. The portability of camping tables helps you carry them easily. For example, the portable camping tables can be folded into steps, helping you carry them easily as your backpack. 

6. Easy to Clean

Last but not least, it is effortless to clean acamping table. These are usually made up of plastic, aluminum, metal, and other materials. All these materials are easy to clean. So, there is no hard labor to wash or clean your camping table. You can clean the table from the next expedition whenever you have done your eating. 

Types of Camping Table

Today, camping tables are designed as folding, side, collapsing, Coleman, and others. We have discussed all the commonly used types of camping tables. This discussion will help you know what the better option for you is.

1. Side Table

Side tables are smaller than all other camping tables. These are specially designed to support and bear small items. Side tables may not be a good option for eating. However, they help support many other things, including drinks, lighting, bags, and smaller items. Unlike folding or other durable tables, side tables aren’t the option for sitting and putting extra weight on them. Typically, the camping side table is folded compactly, working as a television dinner table. As they are waterproof or sturdy, camping side tables have high tensile strength. 

2. Folding Camping Table

A folding table is perhaps the most common type of camping table in today’s market. A folding camping table shrinks to a compact and flat shape. You can easily bend the legs of a folding table inwards and tuck them behind the surface. Most folding camping tables are designed with aluminum and other quality material. So, they can support a lot of weight during camping. A folding camping table can rise relatively high off the floor, depending on the structure. However, placing a folding camping table on a flat surface is advisable to help prevent tipping.

3. Roll-up Table

Roll-up camping tables can help you in a variety of ways. For example, they help you hold or support drinks, utensils, bags, dishes, etc. They can bear the weight from 50 lbs to 100 lbs. however, some are too small and can only bear up to 40 lbs. Depending on your conditions, you can choose the supporting level of the roll-up camping table. They are different in size and are made up of different materials.

4. Tall Table

If you are going camping with your family member, colleagues, and university friends, you need to have a pretty big table for camping. The big size camping table helps you organize more items on your table and provides more areas to socialize with each other during camping resting time. So, you need to know how many people will be the members or parts of your camping expedition. The number of campers will decide the size of the table. 

5. Low Table

A low camping table is also a common type used by campers. Low tables have numerous benefits. For example, they allow campers to sit on the ground floor and easily access the table. In addition, they are not so high from the ground. If you use a low table, there is no need to carry chairs and sofas. You need to have a sitting mat or carpet. Place it on the ground to easily access the table and enjoy your camping time.  

Different Materials Of Camping Table

Camping tables are designed with different materials. Depending on the situation or camping area, campers choose the best camping table. The following are the common materials used to design the camping tables. First, you need to know the climate and weather conditions of the places you are going camping. This will allow you to choose the camping table with the materials accordingly. 


A plastic camping table comes with the following features: 

  • Plastic camp tables are cheaper or easily affordable.
  • They are light-weighted. 
  • They can develop mildew in a wet climate.
  • They can also be transferred to your tent.  

The metal camping table comes with the following features: 

  • They are usually made up of stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Metallic materials are durable and often treated for corrosion resistance.
  • They are light-weighted. Compared to plastic, they can better withstand gusts.
  • Depending upon the size, the stainless steel camp table weighs more.
  • Camp tables made up of aluminum are more versatile and suitable for backpacking
Mesh or Nylon

Mesh/Nylon camping table comes with the following features: 

  • Camp tables designed with mesh or nylon fabrics are more portable than other types.
  • Due to their small size, their usage is limited.
  • They are the best option as a side table. 
  • They may be less durable than other types.


The bamboo camping table comes with the following features: 

  • Bamboo material camping tables are high-quality tables.
  • They are light-weighted.
  • The material is durable and offers unique styling to tables. 
  • They are long-lasting but can be more expensive than other types.
Camp Table Price Range

The price of camping tables depends upon the type of the table. For example, material, size, and type affect the price range of the camp table. The following is the estimated camp table price range: 

Camping tables up to 50$: Some types of tables, including low camp tables, small camp tables, or side camp tables, are available for under 50$. 

Camping tables over 50$: Higher-end tables such as folding camp tables, tall camp tables, and more can support more weight than others, and they are available over a range of 50$. However, the actual price depends upon the size and other features of a camp table.  

Key Features to Consider

Before buying a camp table, the type, size, and benefits are essential. As well as this, there are some key features you should consider before buying the best camping table:  


The surface is the critical feature of any table. A solid base or surface is the basic essential; however, a table with a flat and smooth surface with enough area is ideal. You should look for a big enough table to handle everything you need to set down. Always look for materials that are not prone to rust and are scratched-free. Some camp tables also come with two surfaces, helping add more storage. 


To show a great support and stability, every table needs legs. The stability is also determined by how these legs are connected. A crossbeam structure of the table helps improve the table’s strength. The sturdy table legs and large enough to place the table firmly are the ideals. The capped base of the table also helps prevent the table from shifting. Ensure that the camp tables’ legs are good in structure to provide proper support.  


Portability or the ability to transport is another top feature of a camp table. Almost all camp tables are designed to either fold or collapse into themselves. Sometimes, when in a compact state, camp tables are larger than others. You should also look for something easy to carry. All these things make your camping easy.  

Weather resistance

As camping tables should be exposed to the sunlight, wind, mud, dirt, and other environmental conditions, they should be weather resistant. You need to choose the camp table made up of rigid material. Experts suggest choosing the metallic camp table because the metallic material is considered good weather-resistance material.  

Extra Storage Space

Campers have to take or carry many items with them to ensure the safety and well-being of their camping expedition. This is why it is advisable having a camp table with extra storage space. It will help you store eatables, drinkables, bags, foods, and other items on the table.


So, here you have it - things you need to know before buying the best camping table.

We have described the possible benefits of camping, the types of camp tables, materials, and other key features are essential to consider. It will surely help you make the best choice.