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Portal K9 Dog Pack for Hiking

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Explore A Different Way Of Life, Discover The Power Of The Wild, Hiking With The Dog.

Hiking With Dog

Portal K9 Dog Pack

Portal zero gravity chair


  • 8-11 Independently Adjustable: Straps can be customized to fit the dog best.
  • Streamlined Design: With its three-dimensional cut , the ultra-lightweight Portal K9 dog pack is perfect for carrying your dog's essentials while hiking and going on nighttime adventures.
  • Neoprene Waterproof Fabric: Enhances comfort and air permeability of the body parts.
  • Reflective Trim: Provides visibility in low light conditions, allowing you to see your dog in the wilderness at a glance
  • Super Large Capacity :  For easy dog carrying must . The clasp is designed to be worn easily by dogs


Lift & Assist Handle

Handles and anti-skid straps can effectively reduce the load

8-11 Adjustable Points

8-11 Adjustable points for a customizable fit

Leash Connection

Oxidation-resistant D-rings and webbing loops

Reflective Strips

Reflective strips provide visibility in low light conditions

Maintain Balance

Weight-forward saddlebags maintain balance

Leash Connection

Reflective strips & name tag for long-distance travel

Multiple Hanging Points

Multiple hanging points for dogs to carry various hiking essentials

Neoprene fabric

Enhances comfort and air permeability of the body parts

Leash Connection

Secure the water bottle to avoid inertia when the dog runs

Sizing your dog's girth

S / M

27-33 in
(68-84 cm)

Total Capacity

11L (671 in³)

Product Weight

1.43 lbs

L / XL

28-37 in
(71-95 cm)

Total Capacity

18L (1098 in³)

Product Weight

1.68 lbs

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